Tuesday, May 7, 2019

The Top 10 Exercise Myths That Aren’t True - Infographic

With a lot of misconceptions in your mind, you can't help yourself to break the rules and get fit. You have to know what really matters and know the myths of exercising. Here we have a top 10 list of common myths about exercise to help you reduce your thoughts and let you workout for a healthy body.

As you know that exercise is not just about to get physically fit and showcase that you have great-looking muscles. It should be done in a way that can help you improve your mental health and boost self-esteem that will help you to enjoy every moment of your life. So read how you can get out of common misconceptions of exercising.

10 Exercise Myths That Aren’t True:

Infographic source: Visual.ly

Myth #1: Your Cardio Machine Is Counting The Calories You're Burning
Myth #2: Heart Rate Monitors Will Let You Know How Hard You're Working
Myth #3: Your Weight Is The End All, Be All
Myth #4: Low-Intensity Exercise Burns More Fat
Myth #5: Chug A Protein Shake After Workout
Myth #6: You Can Spot Reduce For Tight Abs Or Toned Arms
Myth #7: You Can Eat Whatever You Want As Long As You Work Out
Myth #8: Cardio Is The Only Way To Lose Weight
Myth #9: You Have to Do Cardio In The Morning On An Empty Stomach In Order To Burn Fat
Myth #10: Drinking Ice Cold Water Burns Fat

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