Sunday, May 12, 2019

What Is Big Data? (explained) - Infographic

Its the fastest era of world's history and everything in this moment is happening faster than ever before. The coolest thing in today's world which was not present in history is "Big Data". Yes, the big data is what we are generating and it is the thing that is helping millions of people work, get happy and live a great life.

There are some companies that are managing this big data and nobody is here to manage everything like one company is managing data about smartphones, the 2nd is managing big data of windows users and the 3rd is collecting data from surveys and so on. There are hundreds of companies claiming that they are managing big data and have stored millions of files with accurate data in them.

However, it's a mystery and even if you think about just one platform like Facebook or Twitter they have stored and managed data with personal information, photos, videos, files and links with interest and geographic data of more than billions of users online. So, here is what you should learn about the big data.

What is big data?

What Is Big Data? (explained) - Infographic
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